Academic Courses

Academic courses include English, Chinese, Mathematics, Science, Malay and Tamil


Recreational Courses

Recreational courses include swimming, piano, basketball, ice skating and many more..


Enrichment Courses

Enrichment courses include chess, drama, IQ, EQ and many more


A-Star International Tutoring Limited

A-Star International Tutoring Limited is an aspiring and professional education center, dedicated to providing development opportunities of international school students and creating positive changes.

Our team of passionate tutors with excellent educational backgrounds and academic expertise has extensive teaching experience and a proven track record of success over the years, covering a wide array of international standardized tests. Our tutoring services aim at offering the best and most effective academic support for junior form students by developing their interests in and understanding of various subjects; and senior form students by equipping them with practical exam skills and confidence essential for their future academic success. 

Our after-school test preparation programs boast a small-customized class size of up to 6 students per group with intensive tuition and academic drilling on these international and local standardized tests along with regular performance report.

We believe our after-school program will unleash students full academic potential and enable them to become a more confident and responsible global citizen.


Lilydale Tuition Centre

Lilydale Tuition Centre is an independent, established tutoring business employing staff that have years of experience behind them. Our independence ensures we have the flexibility and adaptability to adjust to the ever changing education environment and your child’s needs.

We know what students need and what works to help them meet those needs.

Our philosophy is that every child can improve and every child can be the best they can be.

Our goal is to help your child do this by building their self-esteem; overcoming gaps in their learning and helping them catch up to where they should be academically at school.

We willingly work with your child’s school teacher in order to do this.

We seek out and utilise the best resources available including, computer software and programs and we employ the best possible tutors. We also keep abreast of what is happening in education.


Lynn’s Learning

Lynn’s Learning is a Maths Tuition & English Tuition company and has been operating for over 20 years. Our programs have been developed by teachers, and are constantly being updated to ensure content remains interesting and relevant. We understand that every child is different and the way they learn and the rate in which they learn differs. Our programs are tailored to suit each child’s individual learning abilities.

Lynn’s Learning was founded by Lynn Tam, who came to understand the rigidity of the education system which didn’t cater well for faster or slower learners in the school classroom environment. After year’s of teaching in schools around Victoria, including specialist and remedial schools, Lynn broke away from traditional classroom teaching to begin designing a program that allowed children to learn at their own speed and capability, and in a way that boosted their ability to learn, while still keeping to date with the school curriculum (and expanding beyond it).


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